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Jeremy Camp
Fall 2023


For this tour, we are looking for volunteers to serve in a variety of roles! Volunteer roles and times will vary depending on date and venue. 

Roles include:

  • All Day/Night Runner

  • VIP Experience Volunteers

  • Safety Team Volunteers 

  • Lobby Volunteers

  • Merchandise Volunteers

Saskatoon, SK

Circle Drive Alliance Church

Sep 21, 2023

Regina, SK

Living Hope Alliance Church

Sep 22, 2023

Winnipeg, MB

My Church Winnipeg

Sep 24, 2023

Kelowna, BC

Evangel Pentecostal Church

Sep 28, 2023

Calgary, AB

First Alliance

Sep 29, 2023

Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly

Oct 1, 2023

Edmonton, AB

Life Church

Oct 3, 2023

Billings, MT

Alberta Bair Theatre

Oct 5, 2023

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