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Glory Nights Tour
Fall 2022


For this tour, we are looking for volunteers to serve in a variety of roles! Volunteer roles and times will vary depending on date and venue. 

Roles include:

  • All Day/Night Runner Volunteer

  • Merchandise Volunteers

  • Lobby Volunteers

  • Safety Team Volunteers

  • Stagehand Volunteers

Anderson, IN

Madison Park Church

Oct 4, 2022

Raytown, MO

Graceway Church

Oct 6, 2022

Troy, MI

Woodside Bible Church

Oct 9, 2022

Nashville, TN


Oct 11, 2022

Houston, TX

The MET Church

Oct 13, 2022

Austin, TX

Life Austin Mueller

Oct 14, 2022

Miami, FL

Trinity Church

Oct 21, 2022

Tampa, FL

Crossover Church

Oct 22, 2022